The mystery surrounding the death of beautician Vijalakshmi alias Sirisha in a photo studio on Tuesday (June 13) was resolved with the police concluding that she had committed suicide by hanging as per the evidence in the post-mortem examination.beautician sirisha commited suicide in her friend’s house.TS police busted sirisha suicide case.

It might be mentioned that Sirisha, who was working as beautician cum HR Manager in RJ Photo Studio at Shaikpet, was  residing in Krishnanagar with her husband, a Chef, and daughter. She reportedly found hanging by her boss and studio owner Rajeev Kumar in the bedroom of the studio in the early hours of June 13. In a a seemingly unrelated incident, Sub-Inspector P. Prabhakar Reddy of Kuknoorpally Police Station in Siddipet district committed suicide by shooting himself with the service revolver in the police quarters on the morning on Wednesday June 14.

However,  the two suicide incidents took a filmi twist after it was found that there was a connection between the deaths of the beautician and the Sub-Inspector. The entire mystery in the twin tragedies could be resolved by the police based on the inputs gathered by interrogating the  studio owner Rajeev Kumar and his friend Sravan Kumar and from the evidence provided by forensic, medical, electronic, scientific examinations after re-construction of the crime scene at the photo studio as well as the SI’s quarters in Kuknoorpally Police Station premises.

Addressing a media conference to explain in detail the entire drama in the two suicide episodes, City Commissioner of Police Mahender Reddy on Friday revealed that it was now concluded by the investigating officers based on forensic reports that Sirisha’s death had occurred due to hanging. In other words she had committed suicide. Likewise, SI Prabhakar Reddy’s too was a clear case of suicide and the reason behind killing himself seemed to be “panic”.

As per the details provided by the Commissioner Police in this sensational twin suicides is as follows: Rajeev Kumar came into contact with Sirisha four years back through  Facebook. She began working with Rajeev Kumar in the studio and during the course of time their intimacy developed into physical relationship. Rajeev even earned notoriety as a Casonova for being seen moving with a number of girls. He developed friendship with Tejaswini, working as the HR manager in a software company in Bangalore.

Rajeev and Tejaswini were stated to have decided to get married after she  moved to Hyderabadfrom Bangalore a year back. Thus her entry into the love life of Rajeev became  triangular love affair. Having come to know about Rajeev being close to Sirisha,   the two women  started to be at loggerheads. Their fight even reached the Banjara Hills Police Station and the police cautioned them to  resolve the issue amicably. But there seemed to have been no end to the fight between the two women.

It was stated that Rajeev at any cost wanted to resolve the issue since he was interested in marrying Tejaswini. Hence he wanted to put an end to the issue once and for all with the assistance of the police. Now came the entry of another character in the drama– Shravan, Rajeev’s friends. Since Shravan is also known to Sirisha for the past one year, he was stated to have advised getting the issue settled with using the good offices of his friend Prabhakar Reddy, SI of Kuknoorpally Police Station.

Having decided to seek the help of Prabhakar Reddy, Rajeev, Shravan along with Sirisha decided to proceed to Kuknoorpally to meet the SI. They all started in Rajeev’s car and en route picked up liquor and some food and reached late in the night at the quarters of the SI on January 12. All the three seemed to have discussed and consumed liquor till wee hours. After sometime Rajeev, Sravan and the SI came out of the room for smoking and were engaged in some hush hush talk. Sirisha was stated to have heard something about Rajeev and Shravan leaving her back in the room and going out. Panicked she messaged to Rajeev on Whastapp “not to leave me”. The three men returned back to the room and again consumed liquor. Some time later, Rajeev and Shravan went out leaving the SI and Sirisha in the room.

The climax seemed to have begun now. As per the information provided by Rajeev and Shravan to the police during interrogation, they  heard some screaming from the room and rushed inside. They reportedly found Sirisha pinned to a wall and screaming while the SI was trying to calm her down. When her screams did not subside even after Rajeev hitting her, she was forcibly put in the car to be brought back to the city.

According to the police,  while returning  Sirisha tried to jump out of the car but was dragged inside by Shravan. On reaching the studio-cum-office, Sirisha ran inside a room and locked herself and hung herself from the ceiling fan. Shravan who was going back home returned on being called by Rajeev and both summoned an ambulance. The para medics declard her dead and then the police was informed in the early hours on June 13.

SI Prabhakar Reddy was stated have repeatedly messaged Rajeev to know whether they all have crossed his police station limits. When the news about Srisha’s death was telecast, Prabhakar Reddy reportedly contacted the Banjara Hills SI, who was his batchmate, to know the details about the investigations of Sirisha’s death. At that time he was stated to have been asked inadvertently  about he along with Sirisha and two others consuming liquor. A shocked Prabhakar Reddy was stated to have put down the phone. Later the news about him committing suicide with the service revolver came to light.

The Commissioner of Police,  to various questions,  informed that there was  no evidence of any rape on Sirisha. However, he indicated that there might have been an attempt  by the SI to sexually assault her. The investigations are still continuing and swabs from the vagina etc have been sent for forensic tests,  he explained. He also said that Shravan was a “shady” character and that he seemed to have had some bad intensions in the entire drama.

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